My name is Tiffany aka Tiff, owner and CEO of Christian Michael Hair Extensions. Bigger than that, I am a stylist just like YOU! I was a stylist looking for more! I wanted quality hair extensions + affordable education and community. If you are a stylist looking for affordable education & a brand that truly wants to see you succeed, then you are in the right place!



ACCESS PLUS USD $27.00/month


ACCESS ELITE USD 47.00/month


The Christian Michael Benefits:

Monthly & Weekly Coaching

Gain access to Tiffany herself! Learn the ins and outs of the industry. Tiffany has spent 15 years behind the chair and is ready to help bring your creative side back to the industry and double your income!


Access Anywhere!

Gain access anywhere to our vibrant community, extensive video library, and personalized coaching sessions. This comprehensive support ensures you're well on your path to success.



In our program, you'll receive coaching from top-tier hair extension artists in the industry. We'll guide you in building a loyal clientele for hair extensions, mastering techniques in coloring, perming, and expertly cutting hair extensions.


Access to Exclusive Pricing

Throughout your enrollment in our program, you'll enjoy our most substantial discount on all our premium hair extensions. Upon program completion, you'll have the option to continue and retain these benefits for ongoing use.


Why choose us?

Our program transcends traditional training with a blend of online courses, hands-on practice, personalized one-on-one coaching, and a year-long support system that's unparalleled in the market. We understand the challenges you face—building a hair extension clientele, concerns over cost and quality, and the desire to deliver flawlessly secure and undetectable extensions that won't compromise your client's hair. That's why we're here to guide you through every step and ensure your skills are not just developed but mastered.

Don't take our word for it!


By far the best investment I have done behind the chair yet! WORTH every penny. I was so scared to take a chance on this program to be honest. I was mostly scared of the money factor. I am so glad I took the leap. The girls were so encouraging and helpful. I have already paid myself back and much more than that.

Charlotte B.
Garden Grove, CA

I have personally doubled my income in less than a year! No joke Tiffany has helped me more than she probably knows. The methods are not only amazing, but the coaching and community is literally top knotch!

Sarah P.
Los Angeles, CA

This program changed my career in more ways than one. When asked about this program, I truly cannot say enough. They do NOT let you fall behind. Honestly I thought I could never be able to install on a real person and I am now doing at least one new install a week!

Catherine H.
Cypress, CA

Christian Michael Hair Extension Academy has been a GOD SEND! I could not figure out how to get my corners to lay flat and I only knew two methods when I started. I was able to actually implement new methods behind the chair and my clients are so happy. They don't worry about having issues and I am so grateful because I don't worry when they leave!

Sandra S.
Austin, TX

Career changing, income changing! That's all I have to say. Oh also thank you Tiffany for pushing me to do this because you were a huge part in changing my career.

Stephanie M.
Huntington Beach, CA